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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Feb 12, 2018

Dr. Andrew Hill is a world-renowned Neurotherapist. In this episode Dr. Hill explains the theory behind the Peak Brain Institute, the process and benefits of neuro-feedback training. Listen all the way through to learn how the Peak Brain Institute can help you speed up your brain, heal various brain conditions and how Alpha-Theta training can unleash your relaxed and creative side. 1:40 Welcome to the Muscle Expert Podcast Dr. Andrew Hill, owner and creator of Peak Brain LA, a gym for your brain. His goal: become the Equinox of neurofeedback “personal training.” 4:15 How Peak Brain uses neurofeedback with their clients. 6:30 Dr. Hill believes that Alpha Training isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Learn why you should shift your focus to SMR training. 8:33 What is SMR training, and how it can help you achieve your ideal brain frequency ration to help eliminate seizures, ADHD, anxiety and more. 12:10 While alpha-waves have gained the most notoriety, more alpha could mean a less focused mind. 13:34 SMR and Fitness: how Peak Brain is using a “personal training” approach to eliminate problems, measurable ADHD symptoms through SMR training— regardless of your genetic predisposition. Peak Brain helps clients achieve better self control, and more vigilance. 16:45 The Silver bullet for Migraines: blood flow dynamic training. Using infrared HEGs to increase your brains metabolic response. 19:28 Getting into a hypnogogic state. How Alpha:Theta training can help you be more creative, relaxed and even wipe away cravings. 22:45 The Process at Peak Brain LA. How these unique coaches train your unique brain toward optimum functionality. 25:00 Dr. Hill’s discusses the average duration and strategy of neurofeedback programming. 28:21 Neurofeedback, exercise and meditation are a dream trifecta. Neurofeedback acting as a trainer, and meditation fine tuning your technique — “voluntary response.” Helping you learn how to “handle life in speed bumps.” 32:52 Dropping the arousal states. Training Alpha:Theta and the Parasympathetic nervous system build access to your emotions allowing you to ask where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. 36:00 Programs, Training, How it works at Peak Brain. 40:00 Striving for Peak Performance can lead to an excess of theta. Resulting in poor inhibition, impulsive or reactive behavior. By training your neurofeedback, “things get crisper.” 45:05 Training “Memory” — a memory issue is actually a resource issue. 46:00 Nutrition & Brain Health. Why your brain thrives on a near - keto diet. 49:00 Neurogenesis: Are you going to use the cells you’re making? How neurofeedback, and your diet can help. 51:16 Learning, growth and neuro-plasticity. Waking up with a fresh state ready to learn with “effortful cognition.” How sleep reinforces your neuro-plasticity. 54:14 Motor Evoke Potentials are the key to lifting depression 58:30 The future of Brain Training & PeakBrain LA. 1:03:20 Peak Brain is eliminating emotional trauma, anxieties, ADHD, sleep etc. in a few months. Dr. Hill plans on using Peak Brain’s cutting edge science to fight the “Big-Pharma” by making it ubiquitous. 1:04:10 Dr. Hill’s literature recommendations.