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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Nov 14, 2013

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Today, John Meadows shares his once in a life time experience - being trained and coached by the legendary Tom Platz (AKA "The Golden Eagle", AKA "The Quadfather)

Tom Platz was and is one of the most sought-after guest speakers in the world of bodybuilding, nutrition and general fitness. He was a Professor and the Director of Bodybuilding Sciences at ISSA for 14 years. Tom has a Masters in Fitness Science, Bachelors in Science Physiology and Nutrition from Wayne State University and Michigan State University, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California.

What you will learn on today's show:

- John's insight and experiences coaching with Tom Platz.

- What it takes to develop a World class physique.

- How to periodize and rotate workout regimes.

- The best way to optimize your bodybuilding knowledge.

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