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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Jun 28, 2018

Today we have Quantified Bob joining us to demystify biohacking.  Bob fell into biohacking to optimize his entrepreneur lifestyle and started tracking his results from different experiments.  Years later that has evolved into a successful biohacking blog and even a facility in New York.  Bob shares with us his greatest tips for getting rid of environmental pollution including VOCs, EMFs and how to clean up your air in a city filled with pollution.  Ben and Bob also discuss some great biohacking tech that Bob uses daily and has even incorporated into his facility in NYC.


4:30- How Bob fell into running a biohacking blog.


7:40- Understanding your environment.  The steps Bob takes to mitigate VOCs, EMFs, and more while living in one of the largest cities in the world.


16:30- Mitigating the environmental burdens of living in a big city.  How to shield yourself from EMFs and Wifi signals.


23:30-  Hacking your water.  Which purifiers give your the most bang for your buck?


27:00- Using air purifiers and ozone to purify your air and mitigate mold and how Bob monitors his in home air quality.


32:30- Qualifying environmental data.  Figuring out if your environmental hacking experiments are actually increasing your quality of life.


37:00- Quantifying your biological age.  How accurate are telomere tests?


41:15- Manipulating your CNS.  How Bob is using a NeuFit to hack his training and train his nervous system.


47:15- Hacking your brain.  Are nootropics, nutrition, or tech the biggest needle mover?


49:30- Tech in biohacking. Light therapy, structured water and Brain Gauge.


61:50- Short term hacking with ketone esters.


64:30- What Bob is most excited about in the biohacking space, manipulating your body’s frequency.