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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Aug 2, 2018

Dr. Mike Nelson is one of the world’s leading experts on metabolic flexibility and creator of the Flex Diet program.  Ben and Dr. Mike dive deep on what influences metabolic flexibility, the benefits of fat and carb adaptation and how to more quickly adapt to each.  Highlights include how macros can effect your heart rate variability, what you can deduce from your blood glucose levels, and Dr. Mike’s recommended diet for longevity.


Time Stamps


5:45- What causes your body to be less efficient at using fat for fuel?


11:20- What causes the keto flu and how can you mitigate it.


14:30- What scenarios would make it better to be fat vs carb adapted.


17:45- Will you still see a performance increase from carbs even if you aren’t training hard enough to enter your glycogen stores?


20:45- Is it possible to adapt to high training volume when you are in ketosis?


24:30- Intraset recovery when in ketosis.  Is it possible to go to failure multiple times per training session if you are fat fueled.


31:00- Dr. Mike’s tips for shortening the time it takes to become metabolically flexible.


34:15- Protein and the ketogenic diet.  Will high protein actually put you out of ketosis?


37:00- What goals does Dr. Mike recommend a ketogenic diet to achieve.


39:45- What are the implications of the ketogenic diet on your hormones and microbiome?


44:15- How macros affect HRV.


46:20- Demystifying blood glucose levels.  What can you deduce from your fasting glucose level.


49:50- What does Dr. Nelson think the ideal diet is for longevity?


54:45- What are the pros and cons of low blood sugar?


59:15- The training and nutrition variables to fat oxidation.


1:04:30- The effects of mitochondrial health on metabolic flexibility.


1:06:00- The supplemental influences on metabolic flexibility.