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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Aug 20, 2018

Elle Russ is a woman of many hats. A creative writer, comedian and actor, Elle found herself in the middle of a health crisis while trying to maintain the ideal “actress body”.  The root of that cause was a thyroid issue that took Elle over 10 years and 50 doctors to get under control.  Elle has since become an expert in natural ways to keep your thyroid in check.  Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast she shares her story as well as her wealth of knowledge on keeping your thyroid healthy.  If you or a loved one suspect that you have issues with thyroid regulation, make sure to pick up Elle’s book The Paleo Thyroid Solution.

Time Stamps

2:00- Elle Russ’ story.  Her beginnings as an actress and how the demands of maintaining a look led her to find out that she had issues with her thyroid.

9:00- The contributors to Elle’s thyroid issues, selenium, over-training, and carbohydrate.

11:00-  The glucose myth.  Why Elle refutes the need for carbohydrates for thyroid health.

13:30- How do you know if you may have low thyroid?

23:30- The mechanics of thyroid hormones and how to determine what intervention you should make.

38:30- How to potentially avoid going on medications for life by thyroid function through diet and nutrient optimization.

41:30- Where to start with hormone intervention.

43:30- In range vs optimal.  Should you be ok with your hormone levels just being within an accepted range?

50:00- The opposite side of the coin.  Potential complications from too much thyroid hormone.

52:45- The micronutrients you need to pay attention to for thyroid health.