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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Jun 19, 2017

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NCAA National Champion and all american in track and field, world class lecturer on exercise and sports performance, strength and conditioning, elite coach, and close friend Derek Woodske stops by the Muscle Expert Podcast today. Ben and Derek discuss some of his most valuable lessons for all men in all walks of life from brain optimization, forging the athlete mentality, how to be a genuinely good person and Derek’s best “life hacks” for achieving anything. This podcast is brought to you by BiOptimizers our digestion expert sponsors upgrade your digestion for optimal recovery and better nutrient uptake with MassZymes. Get 23-45% off plus an additional 10% off and 1 free bottle of HCL Breakthrough when you checkout the MassZymes here. This podcast is brought to you by Gasp! Top notch quality training wear, Muscle Expert approved training gear! Get 10% off when you use the discount code BEN10 at checkout at Gasp Online Today!

Life hack, show up first, leave last. - Derek Woodske

Time Stamps:

10:33 Pursing goals alone. Achieving greatness in anything. Limiting beliefs and role models.

22:30 Athlete mentality vs normal gym goer mentality

25:10 The introvert Illusion.

28:30 Depression, Dealing with injuries, Losing the vision.

30:30  The jack of trades mentality of today.

33:33 Going narrow V going wide.

36:30 The Instagram message that changed it all.

43:00 The definition of greatness

47:00 Mentally recovering from an devastating injury as an athlete

48:10 How to become incredibly productive and inspired. The Muscle Expert Thought Process and the Modern Man Movement.

52:15 The Best Life Hack Ever.

53:00 How to overcome the monkey mind and eliminate excuses from your life.

59:50 The insurance theory

1:06:10 Something meat eaters are blind to.

1:13:30 Evil comes many different forms.

1:19:33 Essentialism, optimizing brain function and performance.

1:25:33 How to really fail as a human. What not to do.

1:29:33 The book that saved Ben’s marriage.

1:31:33 Logic v Emotion.

1:39:30 The iron culture bond

1:44:00 What Derek’s listening to.