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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Aug 28, 2017

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Discover what could be the missing key to unlocking new levels of performance in your training, recovery, health and much more with todays episode. 

Our guests are the creators of the ultimate in-home red light therapy solution and come with tons of medical research to back up some the of amazing benefits claimed by using this untapped recovery tool. 

Today Ben is joined by the co founders of Joovv, Justin Strahan and Scott Nelson. The episode covers the ins and outs of photobiomodulation ,exact protocols for using LLLT(low light laser therapy) and how top athletes, NASA and practitioners on the cutting edge are using this new technology to completely upgrade their performance and health.


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What You Will Learn:

  1. The overhyped effects of UV rays and what recent research has shown.
  2. The performance, health and aesthetic benefits of red light therapy such as accelerated injury recovery speed, increased muscle thickness and decrease stress and fatigue.
  3. The optimal protocol for hacking you recovery and performance using red light therapy.

Time Stamps:

  • 6:40 Boosting the 4th phase of cellular respiration, ATP production and the power light.

  • 9:30 The missing 3rd leg of optimizing mitochondrial production, nutrition, exercise and ?

  • 10:05 Specific wavelengths of sunlight and need to know basics of light.

  • 11:40 The near infrared window? The most effective wavelengths for optimizing recover.

  • 16:05 The overhyped effects of UV rays.

  • 21:49 NASA research, LED’s and the breakthrough finding for Joovv.

  • 25:30 Immediate deep tissue benefits and long term benefits of low level laser therapy.

  • 26:20 Justin's personal light therapy protocol.

  • 27:37 When Dr. Mercola uses Joovv to reduce lactic acid post workout. Recommended dosage for optimizing recovery.

  • 29:00 Double blind study shows 50% more muscle thickness using low level laser therapy.

  • 31:43 Accelerating injury recovery with (LLLT)  therapy.

  • 34:30 Why NASA was studying photobiomodulation, reducing muscle loss and more.

  • 36:00 Pre and post workout light therapy.

  • 44:00 Specific benefits behind specific wavelengths used in Joovv.

  • 50:30 How long does a Joovv device last?

Resources Mentioned:

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