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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Oct 9, 2017

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Joining Ben on the podcast today is author, inventor and scientist Dr. John Jaquish. Dr Jaquish and Ben discuss in detail some of the new, cutting edge technologies Dr. Jaquish has developed that are shifting the way people build muscle, trigger more endogenous growth hormone production and stimulate greater bone density.

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Topics Discussed:

⇾  The little known limiting factor behind faster muscle growth.

⇾   Cortisol, fat loss and cardio. The two things to master for a muscular, lean and healthy physique.

⇾  Ronnie Coleman  and Bpak’s Vegan days.

⇾ Variable resistance throughout the range of motion.

⇾ The secret behind what Louie Simmons called “getting pasted sticking points”


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Exact training videos from Dr. John Jaquish will be posted on the Muscle Expert Facebook Page Soon!


Time Stamps:

  • 6:35 - The life changing news that shifted Dr. John  trajectory forever.

  • 10:10 - Bone compression and the minimum dose response to trigger bone growth in the hip.

  • 17:40 - The side benefits of loading bones to trigger growth and how to implement it. Pre or post workout?

  • 20:00 -  Dense muscle and myofibrillar muscle growth.

  • 21:05 - The Osteostrong Bone Density Protocol.

  • 23:00 - The key nutrients for accelerating bone density.

  • 24:00 - Reversing Osteoporosis.

  • 30:50 - Where your 7x stronger and 7x the capabilities. The need for variable resistance.

  • 32:40 - What Louie Simmons used to get past sticking points and knew that made his lifters so successful.

  • 41:10 - Why sprinters have higher growth hormone levels.

  • 44:30 - IFBB pros and bosu ball squats?

  • 52:30 - Cortisol, fat loss and cardio. The key to building muscular lean and healthy physique.

  • 55:46 - The growth hormone and neurological benefits from instability training.


Resources Mentioned

⇾    X3 Bar Facebook Page

⇾   OsteoStrong

-Research from Dr. Jaquish 


Follow the Dr John Jaquish