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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Dec 7, 2017

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A master practitioner of neuro lingusitics and mental performance, entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach, joins Ben to dive into neuroscience, NLP and more. Andy Murphy shares the real and raw truth about what is needed to interrupt your negative mental patterns and make lasting changes in your life, body and mindset today on the podcast. 

 muscle expert podcast

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You don't pay attention, you pay with pain"

Andy Murphy 


Key Highlights

⇾ How to create the illusion of pain to reveal you're true self.

⇾ What kills your ability to have laser focus.

⇾ How to program your brain to get into a flow state.


Time Stamps:

5:21 - Training you mine like a muscle. Understanding the parallels between repetition and your mental conditioning. 

7:22 The reality model, peeling back your life to discover the truth. Are you really happy?
8:23 What kills your ability to have laser focus.

10:12 How to call yourself out on your BS in your life and in your training and make the change for good.

10:50 How to create the illusion of pain to reveal you're true self.

13:45  Anchoring and pattern interruption.

15:17 How to interrupt your thought patterns.

18:40 How to become a mindful human.

25:21 How to narrow your focus and get into flow. The key most important thing to understand peak states.

29:00 The step by step formula to get into a flow state.

31:37 Mirror neurons?

34:45 External anchoring. Creating your optimal environment to meet your goals.

39:40 Resetting your goals to elicit more motivation, how to set up your days and eliminate your anxiety.

42:44 Why you need to stop and celebrate your wins frequently. Andy's expert advice for building reward mechanisms into your life.

44:45 The Andy Frecilleo method. And Ben's favorite app. Kanban

50:18 Methods you can use to find the motivation and will to change. The genius method.

52:26 Andy's morning routine. Belly breathing, visualization and more.

56:26 How to upgrade your drive your from work and "switch off" your brain.

57:32 The nighttime reflection. Shutting down and closing loops at night.

1:03:47 The 4 questions you MUST ask to gain clarity of purpose, clarity of vision.

1:08:50 Behavioral flexibility.

1:14:00 Mental puking.


Resources Mentioned