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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Apr 16, 2018

Kamal Patel is the Director of, an independent research review site.  On this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast Kamal and Ben dive deep on what makes a good supplement, how supplements and diet can influence chronic pain, why whole foods are superior to supplements and much more.


2:30- What is


5:40- Where Kamal is finding the research that they publish on Examine.


9:30- Finding the cause of your pain.  Why its important to find the root of the issue before trying to fix it.


11:40- Nutrition and pain.  How your diet can be the root of your pain.


14:20- Supplements and diets that can influence pain receptors.


17:50- The amino acids to watch for pain signaling.


20:00- Nutrient timing and amino acids.


23:50- How often are studies actually useful rather than skewed.


28:50- What should people be aware of when buying supplements?


32:30- How to find out if your supplement stack can have negative reactions for your gut or liver health.


35:00- Nutrient intake and deficiencies.  Why most people consume the vitamins that they need but are missing minerals.


36:45- Supplements that have the most research backing when it comes to chronic pain.


38:45- How to choose a probiotic.


43:45- Natural nootropics.  Some foods that you can eat that will naturally enhance cognitive function.


47:45- Generic vs brand name meds.  Are they really the same formulation?


51:35- Why multiple opinions matter.  Doctors always look at a problem through the lens of their specialty and therefore may misdiagnose a problem.


52:00- Kamal’s suggestions for supplements to take.


55:00- Macro, micro and nutrient requirements.  Why your requirements will vary based on your ancestry.


61:25- Glutamine and gut health. 


63:45- The importance of quality when it comes to supplements and bioaccumulation.


66:30- Where to find's 2018 fitness guide.