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Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life

Jul 16, 2018

Joining us today on the Muscle Expert Podcast is Keto Cardiologist Dr. Nadir Ali.  Dr. Ali is challenging conventional wisdom when it comes to cholesterol.  Ben and Dr. Ali discuss how our understanding of cholesterol is misguided as it is simply a transporter for energy from fat.  Dr. Ali’s insight came from watching cholesterol rise in people who are fasted.  Listen in to hear about the good side of LDL, LCHF diet and more from Dr. Nadir Ali.


LDL cholesterol as an energy transporter.

Why a low carb, high fat diet is cardiologist recommended.

Dr. Ali challenging conventional wisdom around LDL and cholesterol.

The research that supports elevated cholesterol.

4:00-  How Dr. Ali came to believe keto was the optimal diet.

8:30- Dr. Ali’s thoughts on LDL and keto.

13:35- LDL as a fat transporter.  Why fasting will increase “bad cholesterol” in a good way.

19:50- The many functions of LDL.

21:00- The importance of CoQ10 for burning fuel.

25:30- Breaking the paradigm of cholesterol, is there actually good and bad forms? Dr. Ali gives us the studies that contrast popular opinion.

34:45- Fat intake and cholesterol levels.  Fat vs carb intake and heart disease.

36:30- Why do we still believe that cholesterol is bad despite the contradictory evidence?

39:00- The risks of challenging medical paradigms.

40:00- What happens when someone takes cholesterol reducing medications?

47:45- In Dr. Ali’s opinion is it ever wise to take cholesterol blockers?

50:00- Should you expect and be ok with High LDL when on a high fat diet?

56:00- Should you be concerned with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?

58:30- Sex hormones and cholesterol.  The effects of hormone manipulation on cholestorol.

1:00:15- Problems with high triglycerides and fat burning.